5G doesn't fry your brain.

People think 5G will fry their children.
This is simply to prove them wrong.

Q: 5G is non-ionising; is this dangerous?

A: Nope! All this distinguishes is the way the waves react with the objects around us.

Unlike X-Rays and ionising radiation which can modify the structure of things, all non-ionising radiation can do is heat objects, like a microwave. There is no risk of this happening with 5G as the waves are too weak, so don't worry about having your brain fried!

Q: Did 5G cause COVID-19?

A: No. Of course not.

First of all, the novel coronavirus is, well, a virus. It's scientifically proven and there's hardly any argument about it. Second, there's absolutely no way that 5G could've caused it in the first place. Its waves are non-ionising; they quite frankly don't have the power to do anything to your body. Well, that's if you don't include this page being served over 5G. Surely making you smarter is doing something to you?


Courtesy of U.S. Army

Q: Can 5G cause cancer?

A: No. The power of 5G transmitters is nowhere near strong enough to do any harm.

Rare millimeter wave 5G transmitters transmit microwaves, and the most common mid-band and low-band transmitters transmit waves with frequencies very similar to 4G. There is no evidence of these causing any type of cancer; the worst they can do is burn you (which is impossible with 5G as the power transmitted is so weak). The sun is giving you far more deadly radiation than any 5G mmwave node. Cancer can only be caused by much worse ionizing radiation like UV, X-Rays and Gamma Rays.

Q: Should we burn 5G masts?

A: How is this even a question? Of course you shouldn't.

Burning 5G masts increases the chance of your body being messed with by 100%. Think about it: why would you go near and burn something that you think is going to harm you? It's simply illogical; the fumes given off from a burning mast are much more dangerous than those from masts that aren't burning. Let's not forget that it's likely you'll be charged with arson.


Courtesy of SnapperSK

Q: Is 5GHz WiFi the same as 5G?

A: No, it isn't.

5G stands for fifth generation, hence the name of this site. 5GHz, however, means 5 gigahertz. This is the frequency at which your WiFi signals sit, not the generation. See the section about radiation for the frequency that 5G sits around.

Q: Can 5G's radiation harm me?

A: No! Mid/low-band 5G is much the same as 4G, 3G and other standards before.

All types of electromagnetic radiation fall on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. When looking at it, one may be shocked to see that 5G and other communications fall scarily close to the frequency of microwaves. However, the radiation spectrum is logarithmic and mmwave 5G falls at around 100GHz compared to an an average microwave at 300GHz. Mid-band 5G (sub-6GHz) is even safer and is comparable to mid-band 4G at 2.5-3.5GHz.

BBC Electromagnetic Spectrum

Courtesy of BBC/SCAMP/Imperial College London/EBU

This, however, is not as concerning as it may seem. 5G transmitters have a power of AT MOST 40 watts; this is much less than the power you may find in your home microwave, which ranges from cheap 700 watt microwaves up to 1200 watt range units. If 40 watts still seems a lot to you, by the time the radiation reaches your body, this will be 0.001 watts or less thanks to the inverse square law.